About The Headroom

The headroom is here to make starting therapy easier

So you can start working towards a better future for yourself. From our experience as practising therapists and for some of as clients who have had therapy ourselves, we know that it can be a daunting prospect not helped by the vast array of therapists to choose from. We take the pressure off you and find you the right therapist quickly with our low cost, friendly, systematic and professional service.

We have a growing register of high quality therapists but if we don’t have someone suitable for you on our list, we will search the market and find a high quality therapist on your behalf. We are working for you and our success is dependent on you having a positive experience of therapy.

Why shouldn’t I find a therapist by myself?

Of course but it is worth considering some of the issues that can arise when you go solo....

  • Recommendations from friends can be helpful but equally do you know if an approach that worked for them is going to work for you?
  • Researching different types of therapies yourself as part of making your decision is one way of a approaching finding a therapist but this can be time consuming and confusing.
  • Have you considered if there is there research supporting the use of your chosen type of therapy for the problem you are looking for help with? Probably not (unless you have several days to spare trawling Google Scholar!)
  • If, like most people, you are starting from the point of not knowing a lot about what CBT, Psychodynamic, Cognitive Analytic or Narrative therapies are (this list could go on for the several pages). Then once you have taken in as much as you can you then have to do some kind of self-assessment where you work out which approach is likely to be the best one for you. It takes years of training and experience for psychologists to make these decisions. It is a big ask to expect you to do this yourself.

I don’t think the point needs to be laboured much further – it suffices to say that choosing a therapist without professional advice can often lead to people trying several different therapists before they find the right one. Indeed it has become an ‘accepted’ part of the process where as a client seeking therapy, you are expected to understand that you might have to do a bit of shopping around before you get the right one. However for most of us, going for a first therapy session is not like testing a washing powder. One unhelpful experience can be really off putting and demoralising at a point in time where you are keen to get working on whatever it is that is troubling you. As NHS Clinical Psychologists, we would not dream of having services where clients chose a therapeutic intervention themselves without being offered an assessment and consultation first. ‘Well begun, half done’ as they say.

Who are we?

Our service has been designed by Clinical Psychologists - experts at making systematic, evidence-based and person-centred decisions about the appropriateness of different types of therapy. We have extensive training and experience (most of us work for the NHS too or have done in the past). We are an independent organisation so we are free to search the market for the best therapist for you. We are not obligated to refer to any individual or group of therapists. We make matches based on the interests and needs of our clients.