Starting therapy doesn't need to be stressful.


The consultation is used to get a more detailed understanding of your concerns with a view to matching you with the right therapist. We understand that it can be difficult talking about personal topics and our experienced Psychologists are a warm, friendly and sensitive in the way they approach these consultations. You don’t need to prepare for this in anyway and it is not a test. We simply want to get to know you a bit better so we can find you the right kind of support.


We are confident that will find the right match first time most of the time however we can guarantee that this will be the case. It is all too common for people to be disheartened when this happens so we are on hand to offer some support, work out why they were not the right therapist for you and find you someone more suitable. Our promise to offer this service indefinitely (terms and conditions apply) demonstrates our commitment to you and our confidence in the HeadRoom's matching system.