Simple access to therapy

Teaming up with a skilled therapist who understands your needs and goals can be a life changing experience. 

Headroom specialises in finding people therapists who they can see in person, for face-to-face therapy sessions. Wherever you are in the UK, Headroom can find you an experienced, accredited therapistpersonally matched to your individual needs and budget.

Therapists work in very different ways depending on which of the 30+ types of therapy they offer.

That’s why Headroom’s team of psychologists have developed an assessment and therapist-matching system that takes into account the complexities of finding the right therapist.

The process starts with a 50 minute telephone consultation, provided by one of our specially trained therapy consultants (accredited clinical psychologists and therapists). By getting to know you, we can confidently establish what type of therapeutic approach will be most beneficial to you.

Headroom’s services are available to uk-based adults only (aged 18 or over) looking for individual therapy. we cannot provide our services for clients with private medical insurance. contact your provider directly.

Absolutely brilliant service - incredibly accurate and empathetic with a fantastic recommendation.
— male client, 43

How Headroom works: 4 simple steps

If you are not sure what you want, need or are looking for in a therapist or if you’re not even sure you’re ready to take the step to therapy then I would definitely recommend Headroom.
— female client, 22

Services and costs

Headroom has two services: a consultation service and a therapist matching service. At the end of your consultation, you choose which service is right for you.

No credit or debit card details are required to book an appointment.

Headroom is unable to provide urgent or ‘crisis’ support. If you need urgent help, please contact your GP for advice. If you don’t feel able to keep yourself safe right now, please seek immediate help by calling 999, or by attending your local A&E department.

A life changing investment in inner peace.
— male client, 27

 What does the consultation involve?

The telephone consultation will take around 50 minutes and during this time your therapy consultation will discuss with you; your reasons for seeking therapy, your general preferences such as location, budget, availability and therapist gender, and then towards the end of the call; the type of therapy most beneficial for you. If you have any questions about the process of therapy and what it involves, they will be happy to talk this through with you too.

You only share what you feel comfortable with. We don't need to know everything, just enough for us to make informed decisions about the most appropriate therapy for you. If at the end of your telephone consultation you choose Headroom’s therapist matching service, your therapy consultant will then personally undertake a therapist search before matching you to an appropriate therapist.

Headroom made the process of finding a therapist simpler and took away the aspect of worry about what sort of person I should be matched with.
— female client, 31

The Headroom Team

Therapy Consultants

Dr. Stephen Rock, Clinical Psychologist, Clinical Lead & Founding Partner of Headroom

BA Psychology, Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, HCPC Registration number: PYL31658

Steve has extensive experience in providing assessments and psychological therapies for adults struggling with a range of problems. Prior to his role as Clinical Lead for Headroom, Steve worked for adult NHS mental health services with clients with complex difficulties. His motivation to start Headroom stems from his experiences on both sides of the consulting room - as a client looking for therapy and as a Psychologist offering it.

"Before I trained to be a Clinical Psychologist I tried to find a therapist for myself and found the number of options bewildering. With my professional hat on, the idea that a person should be left to choose a therapist without an assessment and some guidance makes no sense.  I also know that a good assessment involves talking to someone. It might sound obvious but to get a good sense of the issues I need to speak to a client and ask them about their life. Only then is it possible to match someone with the right person and approach. Headroom was inspired by my personal and professional experience of how therapy can really change lives for the better, if it's the right therapy for that individual. Headroom is here to make sure that people get the help that is right for them."


Dr. Hayley Lee, Clinical Psychologist, Operational Lead & Founding Partner of Headroom

BSc Psychology, Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, HCPC Registration number: PYL31577

Like Steve, Hayley worked in the NHS  for many years and is a highly skilled therapist, who can offer complex assessments and a wide range of therapeutic interventions to match the needs of her clients. Alongside Emma, our Operations Manager, Hayley looks after the operational side of the organisation as well as offering telephone consultations,


Emma Maguire, Operations Manager and Psychological Therapy Consultant

MA, Advanced Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling (Integrative); Member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP) 

Emma is a fully qualified counsellor and also offers telephone consultations to Headroom's clients. Her experience lies in working from an integrative perspective but she also has specific experience of working from a more structured approach with clients presenting with obsessions, compulsions and other anxiety-related difficulties, both remotely and on a face-to-face basis. Emma is Headroom's Operations Manager and in this role, she oversees the referral process and the management of relationships with both our clients and therapists. 

Colette Morgan, Referral Coordinator

Colette handles the administration around the matching process itself and her role involves liaising with therapists and clients alike and making arrangements for our clients' first sessions. Her previous experience of working in NHS mental health services as well as other therapeutic settings gives her a strong understanding of the field of therapy and counselling. 

Testimonials from some of the 1000+ people who have used Headroom:

Headroom made the process of finding a therapist simpler and took away the aspect of worry about what sort of person I should be matched with.
— Female client, 31
A life changing investment in inner peace.
— Male client, 27
A really useful and relevant service. I’ve recommended it to family and friends.
— Female client, 29
If you are not sure what you want, need or are looking for in a therapist or if you’re not even sure you’re ready to take the step to therapy then I would definitely recommend Headroom.
— Female client, 22
Easy to use and very helpful. I would definitely recommend Headroom to a friend.
— Male client, 27