If you would like to receive referrals from Headroom, or, if we have already contacted you about a referral that you would like to accept; please complete our registration form below.

How does Headroom’s ‘therapist-matching service’ work?

All HEadroom clients have a 50-60 minute telephone assessment with one of our psychological therapy consultants, during which the therapy consultant will: 

- develop a preliminary ‘working formulation’ of the client’s difficulties by gathering information that provides them with a better understanding of the client’s main presenting issues and concerns; the history of these issues; their current circumstances and any relevant background information, and; whether anything helps with the issues, or makes them worse.

- complete a risk assessment (including alcohol and substance use) and offer advice and signposting clients when necessary;

- gauge the client’s readiness for therapy;

- instil hope for change;

- discuss the level of commitment required to their achieve goals (i.e. the likely number of sessions to complete the therapeutic work);

- clarify (and manage if required) expectations relating to accessing private therapy;

- clarify the client’s budget, availability for sessions, and other preferences such as the location of sessions and the therapist’s gender.

gathering this information enables our therapy consultants to establish what type of therapeutic approach is likely to be the most helpful to each individual client. our consultants share their recommendations for therapy with each client at the end of their telephone assessment; if the client is happy with the recommendations made and would like headroom’s help with getting started with therapy, the therapy consultant then completes an individualised therapist search.

that’s where our network of over 900 therapists comes in. Our therapy consultants look initially to our existing network of registered therapists for a suitable match for the client. once these options have been explored, our consultants then look to other, privately practising therapists who are suitable, and invite them to register with us and join our therapist network.

once a suitable therapist has been identified for the client, Headroom contacts the therapist directly to offer them the client referral. once registered with us, any therapists wanting to accept a referral can simply tell us their availability to see the client, and leave the organising of the first appointment to us. before the clients’ first therapy session, Headroom sends a summary assessment report to the therapist, detailing all important assessment information. We hope that this further supports the therapeutic work getting off to a good start, right from the offset.

Why register with Headroom for free, to receive referrals?

we believe that our assessment process allows us to make appropriate, well-matched client referrals to therapists. a good ‘client-therapist match’ should enhance the likelihood that both clients and therapists feel able to work together for the time needed to achieve the client’s goals for therapy.

we hope to play a part in cultivating strong, therapeutic relationships between clients and therapists, and believe that in doing so, we can increase the likelihood of positive outcomes for both.

On average, clients referred from Headroom stay in therapy for more than 10 sessions. the results from our last survey showed that therapists gave an average rating of 8.9 out of 10 for how well matched they thought they were to clients referred by The Headroom. For therapist testimonials scroll to the bottom of this page.

registration is completely free. you can continue to receive client referrals from us for as long as you want, with no charge. 

Does it cost anything to accept Headroom’s referrals?

Headroom’s terms require therapists to cover an ‘assessment and report fee’ to accept client referrals. This fee equates to the cost of two therapy sessions providing the client is likely to require longer-term therapy and one therapy session if the client is likely to require shorter term therapy. 

therapists do not have to pay any fees directly to headroom. Headroom collects payment from the client for the cost of their first one or two therapy sessions (as appropriate), which is then held by Headroom by way of covering the therapist’s ‘assessment and report fee’. Essentially, therapists cover the ‘assessment and report fee’ by offering their first one or two therapy sessions to the client without charge.

After this point, the relationship is solely between the therapist and client; all subsequent session fee payments are made by the client directly to the therapist. headroom does not charge any additional fees, regardless of how long the therapeutic work continues for.

Further details of our terms and conditions can be found here: http://www.theheadroom.uk/terms-and-conditions/

If you would like to register with Headroom, please complete our therapist registration form.

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Therapist Testimonials

Clients flounder around when it comes to finding the right therapist for them, so any service provided that helps them work towards understanding what it is they want and need in a therapist has to be hugely advantageous to them.
— Josephine Bush, BABCP registered CBT Therapist
Straightforward, informative, clear approach from Headroom right from the start. Appropriate client information given and helpful, easy to get on with staff.
— Prue Harrison, MBACP Registered/Accredited, UKCP Registered Psychotherapist
The administration was handled well by Headroom and I was impressed with the excellent client referral summary, which is not something offered with all referrals I get sent through. The website was clear and open and I had a good dialogue with the Director during the process.
— Rafeek Baksh, UKCP Psychotherapist
It’s been a very smooth process and the client and I are still working together, moving through the identified issues. I wouldn’t hesitate in using Headroom again.
— Jason Hanson, NCS registered Counsellor
I received a good standard of service. There was clarity in terms of the contract and terms and conditions. The whole referral process was very clearly and well managed.
— Dr Tammy Oluyori, HCPC registered Counselling Psychologist
I found the service provided by Headroom efficient and professional.
— Kate Surgeoner, HCPC/BPC registered Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist
I found this to be a really efficient service and a good referral experience.
— Michael Cohen, HCPC registered Psychologist
I found this a reputable and very useful service.
— Simon De Cogan, BABCP accredited Psychotherapist